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Name: Veldrin
Age: Keeps quiet about this, though those who know him say he is in his late thirties.
Gender: Generally accepted as male, but it is still disputed, considering he keeps himself nicely bandaged up.
Specie: Cambion (half-demon/half-human)
Height: 6’ 5”
Magic type:
Weapon of choice: A scimitar, adorned with jewels at the hilt, and finely endowed with a curved steel blade with several dents in it from years of use.


Role: Sudao Lieutenant; his conduct seems to hint at being of much higher authority, however…

Description: Veldrin’s wardrobe consists of robes and concealing garments that do well in betraying his true appearance. Where skin is liable to show, such as arms, face, and legs, he wraps in bandages that stain all-too-soon with the blood of his adversaries, and his own. Even as a half-demon, Veldrin doesn’t have horns, nor a tail, cloven hooves or hellish wings. Instead, Veldrin has his disease. The skin on Veldrin’s body is forever morphing, or rotting, as he says. Like some hellish offshoot of leprosy, the condition that Veldrin tolerates does not kill him, but causes him such pain that his hatred for others seems doubled in his suffering. His face is often concealed up to the nose, so that most of what someone sees are his narrow, blood-shot eyes. His head is bandaged up as well, sheltered by a hood or cloth. This extreme concealment, paired with his soft voice, offers Veldrin a sort of unofficial androgyny. Whether or not this is his intention is unknown.

The cambion is a mixture of frustrated air and an almost unsettling calm; like a time bomb that never goes off. His frequently concealed visage adds to his disquieting vibe, for one can hardly tell what goes through his mind with just his reddened, half-dead eyes in view. It is not uncommon to witness the man succumb to his physical pain, however—more often than not he will strike at an unfortunate bystander as a means of easing the burning agony of his flesh. But perhaps more frightening than his outbursts is Veldrin’s quiet determination itself; his desire and willingness to meet his goals. In this Veldrin is cool and confident. He is a diplomat, and an excellent strategist. Like the disease he harbors, the cambion is relentless in consuming, in killing, the thousands that are in the way of what he wants.

History: Veldrin's twisted, unpleasant upbringing has undoubtedly contributed to his appearance, and demeanor. The man, if that’s what he truly is, has more than a chip on his shoulder. He has the burdensome weight of years of discrimination and betrayal, a childhood of loneliness and fears and hateful strangers. The grudge he holds to those that have wronged him in the past knows no bounds, for the loathing that Veldrin bears can be perpetually seen in his face…or, at least, what he chooses to reveal of his face.

Veldrin knows that it is his half-demon heritage and appearance that caused such a rocky history for himself. His human mother was said to have killed herself upon seeing what she gave birth to. Without a family or a home to call his own, the man would spend a time wandering the world from place to place, usually shunned by sometimes manipulated by those corrupt enough to employ a demon. Self-loathing extended into the hatred for anyone who was “lucky” enough to be born into the light, and so Veldrin joined with the Sudao. Lumerian society had shunned him, even unconditionally hated him for what he was, thus Veldrin promised himself to eradicate the world of their and of anyone else’s self-righteousness. His hatred driving him and his steadfast determination supporting him, Veldrin would rise through the ranks of the Sudao order, spreading his one-man plague little by little.

Special points: It is usually hard for others to tell how Veldrin’s condition could be a benefit from his demonic heritage, but the sour, acrid odor that emits from the man’s presence speaks otherwise. Veldrin is a harbinger of disease and bodily corruption, his very touch able to cause itching and discomfort if not concealed by a glove of some sort. If he wishes, he can cause nausea and vomiting in others, and only the most well-prepared can face him without gagging or looking away. Veldrin’s consumption by disease and decay is apparent in his demeanor—his voice is soft and phlegmy, with a tone that is more androgynous than that of any one gender, and his gait is always accompanied by an almost painful limp.

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