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Post by Admin on Fri Nov 30, 2007 3:03 pm

Name: Vasilios Chatillon
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Specie: Human.
Magical type: none.
Role: General of the Eslinian Army of Lumerian origins, also part of the Alliance.
Weapons: Has an extensive knowledge of the use of a wide variety of weapons, however his favorite would be a priceless rapier studded with white precious stones and the silver carving of a lion head at the end of the hilt, it is a family heirloom passed down for generations.

Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Honey brown
Everything about this man can be described as 'sleek'. Always up-to-date with the latest fashions of their time and world, he’s rarely seen in anything frumpy or wrinkled and usually wears the grey royal military uniform. Though he is a normal human one could say he has a ‘magical talent’ at staying spotless and pressed; obsessively clean and tidy, it would be impossible to come across a hint of prickly bristles across his shaven jaw or find a strand of his sleek, light-brown hair astray, unless of course if he’d just walked out of a battle field then yes; you’d find a loose strand and a wee bit of dust on his nose. His eyes though have a somewhat boyish look to them, contrary to the rest of his sharp image; they reflect his honesty, innocuous charm and kindness.

History: The son of a prestigious nobleman, Vasilios is nothing short of a fine gentleman with a celebrated history. Born into a wealthy home he was given only the best education and training in the arts of combat, winning him many rewards for poetry and prose and honors at fencing tournaments. At the age of 20 Vasilios served in the royal army of Eslin and was knighted by the King for his bravery and loyalty. The following years he had served alongside the royal council, further proving his worth and making his family proud. He is honest, fiercely loyal, educated and kindhearted, and as if that was not enough; he is quite handsome. Needless to say he is at the center of the longing hearts of many sighing lasses

Today Vasilios serves in the name of his King, leading the Eslinian army into battle against Dark Lord, playing a big part as one of the Alliance's leading figures.

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