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Name: Vanity
Age: Unknown; estimated thousands of years (appears to be 19-20)
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Weapons: Specializes in light magic. She will mostly use dart- or spear-like projectiles, which she shapes from said light. She also comes in close contact with opponents, using short spurts of magic in assorted ways. Also carries a sword on her back, used only when she feels necessary.
Role: Angel; "assassin" for Lucifer (one-time mission). She mostly works on her own accord, but should she choose a side, it would be that of good.

Hair: Black, waist-length, straight
Eyes: Dark blue, practically black
Skin: Pale, practically white
Form: Slim, hourglass-like figure
As an angel of God's, Vanity is "perfect", appears flawless. Her wings are well-groomed and neat, there is never a hair out of place on her, and her youthful exterior and personality hides her true age. She is always mistaken for at least a twenty-year-old, though she has been known to act a bit younger, depending on her mood and current situations. However, Vanity is what her brother jokingly used to call a "defective angel". An unusual personality disorder makes her quite imperfect in the kingdom of Heaven, not because it is a "glitch in her system", but because of how dangerous, dark, and violent it is. While Vanity is normally kind, protective, and sweet, once she changes (which can sometimes be without warning, and can happen in the blink of an eye) she becomes vengeful, bad-tempered, impatient, and heartlessly vicious. Unfortunately, Vanity can never recall events that occur while she is in that darker stage, so asking her what she was thinking is basically a waste of time. She is aware that she has some sort of split personality, if one can call it such, and dreads it completely, but as far as she knows there is nothing she can do about it.

History: Vanity and her brother Seth resided in Heaven for a few hundred years before tragedy struck both their lives. Vanity never considered her personality disorder, which she had always had, a sort of tragedy. It was just something she lived with, something she had gotten used to (for the most part). After a thousand years behind Heaven's gates, she decided it might be a different (and perhaps better) change to live on earth. Still very young at the time, practically a child, Vanity wasn't quite aware that going to earth would make her a fallen angel; she thought she might just be a tourist, in other words. As she went to the gates to leave, her older brother Seth came to stop her. He ordered that she remain in Heaven, warning that earth was too dangerous for someone like her, that people wouldn't understand "her kind", wouldn't accept her. Now, Seth and Vanity, as close as they were, rarely ever got along, almost complete opposites. They stood at Heaven's door, arguing and bickering. Vanity continued to persist that she be let down to earth, while Seth forbade it repeatedly. Eventually Vanity's temper rose, and this triggered the switch in her personalities, summoning within her the dark side of her mind (and, though still questionably, her heart). Seth, of course, was taken by surprise, though he had seen his sister this way before. By pure instinct he grabbed her arm, keeping her rooted to the spot so she wouldn't dare to rush off; her response was delivering a projectile consisting of light into his heart so that he may release her. He fell, severely injured but not yet dying, and after a few moments of his pained yells and groans Vanity returned to normal. At the sight of Seth in pain, she became hysterically skeptical and fainted. When she next woke, she was informed that Seth was slowly dying. Since then, he suffered.

The years that followed weren't easy on either of them. Vanity still was never enlightened on the fact that she had wounded Seth in her darker state of mind, and Seth continued to die slower evermore. They still argued, though not as much as before as Seth was too weak to keep a fight going for long, but Vanity picked up responsibility of helping him whenever he needed it. This was difficult, however, as Vanity's personality would sometimes change without giving any sort of warning, and in that state she was a danger to her brother's life. From that, drama always ensued somehow, and at one point Vanity disappeared for a few weeks to hide from everyone, so that she would not hurt anyone. When she returned, she did so in tears, and never left Seth after that. Years later, during his last moments, Vanity asked for the umpteenth time what had injured him. For a long while, like all the other times she had asked before, he refused to tell her, saying it was for her own good that she didn't know. His weariness overwhelmed him, however, as did his sister's impatience, and with his last breath he said, "You". To Vanity's shock, nobody denied it; everyone looked almost ashamed to tell her it was true. Even God himself confirmed it.

Vanity dwelled within her guilt and remorse, as well as her hate for the disorder she carried. After Seth's death, more and more insults flew her way, subtle but meaningful. Many times, because of what she was, she was called "imperfect", "virus", or even "half-breed", as so many other angels came to believe she was half-mortal due to her disorder. After all, no true angel was imperfect. It was because of all these harsh words, the guilt of killing her brother, and the confusion the personality switches caused her that Vanity went to God for a bit of a risky request. She asked if he might change her, so that she could be an Archangel, so that she could be rid of her flaw for good. He denied her, however, of course lecturing that she was perfect the way she was. For a while, Vanity wallowed in a mixture of her own emotions, until at one point she heard the voice of Lucifer muttering within her head. Of course Vanity had heard of him, and she knew the evils he worked, but it was his words—sweet as he could make them—that blinded her from what he truly was and lured her into listening. Lucifer explained that he could and would make Vanity an Archangel, make her "perfect", if she would do something for him. She hesitantly accepted, and she was told to find a demon by the name of Sachieal. She was to exterminate him, as he had "broken rules".

Vanity was sent to earth with Lucifer's help. Normally, she was completely against slaughtering any creature, but this was a demon, what she considered Lucifer's own, and she felt it would be easy and without hesitation to kill him. The hard part was finding him.

Other info:
--Absolutely loves kittens, as well as items that pertain to or resemble them. They actually put her into a good mood, make her feel better, and in doing so help soothe away her other personality.
--When Vanity goes through a personality switch, it is almost always unnoticeable. Nothing about her changes physically; it is only how she acts and what she says that is altered.
--Fears fire and extreme heat, while her wings are horrifically sensitive to freezing temperatures. Her skin is always warm, unless she somehow succumbs to the verge of or actual death or becomes depressed.
--Because she was never around any besides her brother, Vanity is sometimes awkward or shy around other males. She tries to avoid physical contact with them to avoid being embarrassed, even if just by shaking hands.
--Rarely eats, but if she doesn't eat at a certain time, she can grow weak with massive fatigue in just a short time and lose ability to use her magic.
--Hides her wings within her back from view. She will only reveal them at certain points.
--Is very used to sleeping on flat surfaces, mainly the floor or a table, if allowed. When she does sleep in a bed, she finds it surprising each time that anything could be so soft.

((And eventually lazy ol' Rei is going to get her butt in gear and put a damn picture up. xp))


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