Chiraeru "Chi" Sanoke of the Ken

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Chiraeru "Chi" Sanoke of the Ken

Post by Chi on Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:30 pm

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Name: Chiraeru "Chi" Sanoke
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Specie: Half-Drow, Half-Human
Magic type: Umbrovian; Deals a little with Air and Dark elements with strong Serkan abilities.
Weapon of choice: Chi carries a long handled katana and twin wakizashi. All three weapons (including a small dagger which she keeps hidden) look similar in design: Black fabric braid on the hilt, silver guards, collars and caps, and all blades have been blackened for her occupation. (Scabbards are black)
Role: Mercenary for hire on a first come, first served basis.
Description: View the WIP [Here]
Hair Colour: Midnight black, not much distinction between highlights and shadow.
Eye Colour: Bright ashure blue.
Her body composition is slightly deceiving, as she appears to be moderately slim, but years of sword training and fighting have fine tuned her physique. She stands at 5'8'' but her stance sometimes makes her look a little shorter. In some cases, she may even look delicate (that is, if one ever caught her out of her armor and in some other clothing). She also carries tribal markings on her face, each line holding a meaning but not one she'd indulge in others. The marking on the back of her armor is a symbol of her namesake; "Chi".

Simply put, Chi is a bastard child. Her hometown of Kyushu was occasionally subject to the raids of a nearby drow tribe in a long dispute over territory. One such raid ended up conceiving Chi (or Shiseiji as she was originally named) as her mother had been raped by the opposing drow warrior. Her mother's husband had left in revenge in order to hunt down Chi's genetic father just shortly after Chi's birth.

As there had been a long standing hatred between the drow and the village of Kyushu, Chi's birth was not exactly celebrated. If anything, it was only her mother's compassion to bring her into the world that had saved Chi's life. By the time Chi was about 10 years old, her mother learned of her husband's death at the hands of Chi's father (her older brother Mathias having left soon after the news and had vanished), and was unable to keep from turning bitter against her child who was indirectly at fault. Now basically without both her brother and her Mother's unconditional love and protection, Chi was constantly bullied upon as a child for no one would step in to defend her. Even the elders looked down upon her and as Chi grew older, any memories of her mother's kindness or her brother's existance soon faded.

Chi was never able to attend any school, for the teachers would not accept her, however due to tradition and her human bloodline, Chi was eventually allowed and able to find solace in the art of traditional swordsmanship. Her agile strength allied with her sharp and cunning mind, quickly enabled her to excel in her teachings and reached a formidable skill by the age of 17. By this age, people generally left her alone. Luckily, she had inherited most of her mother's looks which allowed her to escape some of the brunt of attacks, while the only physical attributes Chi could relate to her father was her slightly darker skin, pointed ears, a reflective property in her eyes that allowed her to see in the dark, and a generally stronger physique.

Her life, which was just beginning to settle into something of a peaceful manner, didn't last very long as Chi bore witness to an unfortunate bully attempt against a younger child on behalf of some foolish older teenagers. Sparked by an unfamiliar rage, the harassment resulted in their deaths and Chi was promptly banished, forcing her to wander. In order to survive, Chi changed her name from Shiseiji, and sold her sword skills for money which allowed her to travel all over the continent until her travels and desire for a new beginning brought her across the Agrath Sea to a small port not too far from the city of Ahila.

Understandably, Chi has a rather closed heart when it comes to personal ties. She generally avoids even using the word family or parents as it brings up childhood memories. She does not take kindly to those who shirk responsibility, loyalty or honour and she cannot stand to see any innocents or those unable to fend for themselves under the heel of a larger boot. Despite all this, Chi usually displays kindness and stays somewhat polite (though has been known to use colourful language, especially when in pain) to strangers. She carries quite a mischievous streak and is capable of loud outbursts and other rambunctious behaviour, however Chi seems rather reserved and stoic from the outside until (she's either had a drink or two, and/or)you get to know her.

Special points: Due to her Drow heritage, dark magic comes naturally to her, but she also is proficient in the elemental art of air; although at its basic level. Chi uses it to enhance her fighting skills, making her even faster than she already is and enabling stealth with a harder and sharper hit. Serkan was also taught to all Ken Warriors and was considered to be a necessity for the traditional combination of meditation and fighting and thus Chi's mental prowess in that area is her strongest in regards to magic.

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