Leyla Decembran

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Leyla Decembran

Post by Erin on Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:36 am

Name: Leyla Decembran
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Specie: Human
Magic type: All of it! She is the Auran, after all.
Weapon of choice: Her toy. That stuffed bunny can pack a wallop.
Role: As Auran, one day Leyla will be one of the high lords of the Eslinian High council, Galdrenanís most powerful figure, there she would govern and make the vital choices concerning worldwide magic and itís users. But for now, she is much too young for such responsibility, and so for the time being must remember to remain anonymous and hidden, appearing to be no more than a simple child, lest should she fall into the hands of the enemy.
Description: Height: 3'2", Weight: 50lbs. Leyla is a small, thin child, with large blue eyes and curly auburn brown hair, which is in stark contrast to the straight blonde hair and sable eyes of both of her adopted parents and extended family. She is not different from any other children her age visually, she blends in quite well. She likes to wear blue. Her cloths are blue, and so are the ribbons she puts in her hair and the slippers on her feet. She even has a little blue stone necklace that one of her maids made for her. She also carries around a little white stuffed rabbit, made from rabbit fur. The toy's name is Snow.

She is shy and quiet, after being kept considerably locked away for most of her life, her social skills are lacking. She is especially shy of boys, since they do fight and play roughly; she was kept away from them more so than from girls. She has a great amount of intelligence, and reads books far above the average level. She also possesses a great innate knowledge of the Auran. After she conquers her initial shyness, she is quite sweet.

Leyla is the Key. This has been known since she was born, as the elders and the high mages have kept their eyes open for signs in the stars that the Auran would soon be born. To keep her from those with dark intentions, the council of Eslin had taken her from her real parents and given to the Decembrans, a family of average status and heritage, yet in league with the high council and very much aware of the crucial task of protecting the child, and what her safety meant to the well being of the world. She was raised far from her real home, in the remote farming fields of Ahila where those who are after her would not think of looking. They brought her up as best they could, educating her well and yet at the same time keeping her sheltered, away from any poverty, evil or fights, as the innocence of the Auran made her linkage with the Auralis all the more powerful without prejudice towards dark nor light magic. They raised her as their only child, since the Lady Decembran was barren. Now, after four years of caring for Leyla, Lady Decembran is now with child herself. They believe that this is a token of gratitude from the gods for the good care of young Leyla. The Decembrans know that the time is coming when Leyla must be taken from them, and though they are reluctant to let her go, they will do what they must to protect her and ensure her happy, safe future.

Special points: Aurans, being of both light and dark magic, have a natural bond towards all magical creatures, Umbri and creatures of the light instantly falling in love with her, making them hardly a danger to her.

[[Note: Yes, I'm playing the key, but I'll take plot suggestions from all you who have been planning on key-dom. And don't forget, you may win a chance to become a guardian!!! ]]

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