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Chapter 1: The battle of Azrian

The Storm:

The story begins in the mountain town of Azrian. A fierce storm rages over the town as a prelude to the attack to happen at dawn. Origin and Odei, two companion-warriors discuss the coming battle between the Yeidin army and the Sudao army, who is positioned just outside the town. As their conversation continues, the pre-battle planning and revelry are interrupted by a mysterious pale man, who introduces himself by way of an intrusive magic show. The man calls himself Sachieal and offers his services to the Yeidin army.

Origin and Sachieal made their way to Vasilios’ tent, in order to approve Sachieal’s joining of the small army. Meanwhile, Calicfer, a young Water-adept vampire is discovered by Origin while walking through the storm, and is rushed into the inn. Sachieal takes his leave toward his room, while Calcifer and Origin converse. Calcifer eventually joins the Lumerian army as a medic.

Sachieal eventually comes downstairs, mid conversation, and orders drinks to his room. Fatigue sets in for Origin, and she heads to Sachieal’s room. Origin offers to pay for Sachieal’s room, but he refuses, and lets her take it free of charge. Sachieal walks downstairs to find the group slowly depleting as the night wears on. After practicing his magic once again, Calcifer, who had been observing, invites him over for conversation.

The two exchange gifts of never-melting ice. Sachieal gives Calcifer a three dimensional snowflake, while Calcifer conjures him a moving water dragon. After more conversation, Sachieal steps outside into the storm, while Calcifer retires for the night.

Sachieal, once out the door, runs into Soraya of the Sudao army. The two converse for a while, while speculating of the other’s intentions. Eventually, Soraya makes her leave and Sachieal returns to the warmth of the inn.

Meanwhile, Vasquiri and Olorafien, two Demons of the Sudao army discuss the bloodshed that is to follow in the upcoming battle at dawn.

Back at the inn, Sachieal conjures hellfire in the hearth and contemplates further on Soraya. As the dawn approaches, Origin awakes and comes downstairs. Once in the lobby, she finds Sachieal staring ominously into the purple-black flames. Origin comments that Sachieal spends too much time hitting on girls, while Sachieal accuses that Origin is much too insecure and should trust others more.

Origin also inquires to why Sachieal is covered in snow, to which, he relpies that he “Stepped out”. It is evident that Origin does not trust Sachieal, but does trust him more than some of the others. The two continue to build trust by discussing the lashings of their old masters.

In the same inn, Ivaylo, a dark-elf prepares himself for the coming battle at dawn.

The Storm After the Storm:

As the sun lights the town, Vasilios begins preparing his armor for the coming battle. The storm has subsided, and no more snow is falling on the town. Odei leads his soldiers to the fields for battle, while Calcifer stays behind in order to mend the coming wounded. The Sudao army summons a deep black mist to cover the battlefield, and the Lumerian warriors rush into it, seeking combat.

Histlan, a blind mage, appears on the battlefield, she fights for the Lumerians. While the fighting rages, Origin finds her way to a tree on the field, and into the ambush of Olorafien's. Olorafien binds Origin using dark magics, and seemingly moves in to kill her. Sachieal sees the event and moves to tear out Olorafien's spine, however, Olorafien teleports at the last instant and Sachieal's blade of ice impacts with Origin's hip, seriously injuring her. She crawls to a tree and pulls her knife on Sachieal, who tries to explain himself and get Origin to safety.

However, before Sachieal can help, Olorafien appears behind Origin and challenges Sachieal to one on one combat in an open field, the winner getting Origin. Olorafien teleports to the field, and Sachieal follows him, hot on his trail. After an intense battle, in which Sachieal uses holy fire in attempt to burn Olorafien’s wings off. Olorafien retaliates by biting into Sachieal’s shoulder and teleporting back behind the Sudao lines, in order to receive medical attention.

After a small conversation, Sachieal carries Origin back behind Lumerian lines and into the infirmary. As Sachieal returns to the battlefield, we see Odei and other troops move in on some of the Sudao Army’s captains. As the Lumerian squad attacks the captains, Odei succumbs to and summons the Abbadon, a large, black hold-like ancient magic that swallows up many soldiers and causes the Sudao captains to retreat to a safe distance.

While this is occurring, Histlan comes upon Vasquiri, and the two converse in a confrontational manner. Vasquiri presents himself to be on the side of the Lumerians, but this may not prove true. Mid conversation, however, Vasquiri senses the Abbadon and grabs Histlan and others, in order to evacuate them. Sachieal also returns to the infirmary, and, with Calcifer’s assistance, evacuates the infirmary.

Soraya finds Odei summoning the Abbadon. She recognizes him to be of the same old race as her, and, with apprehension, attacks him with a Fuocis spell, which sends Odei toppling, unconscious to the ground. This attack stops the Abbadon from growing and taking more lives.

The Sudao army makes a hasty retreat as their numbers dwindle. The Lumerian army claims a close victory.

The Calm After the Storm After the Storm:

Two days after the battle of Azrian, wounded are still being mended and the dead are still being cleared and buried. Calcifer, Ivaylo, Histlan, and the other medics work nonstop for the two days in order to save the lives of those wounded. Sachieal and the other warriors take to clearing the dead and giving them a proper burial, while Odei is thrown into “jail”, after receiving only minor medical attention for a broken arm.

Vasilios, however, has other plans for Odei. Vasilios makes Odei a captain, and sends him to gather his soldiers for a mission that is not disclosed. The group contains our main characters: Odei, Origin, Histlan, Calcifer, Ivaylo, and Sachieal, as well as about one hundred other soldiers.

Before they are to leave, Sachieal and Calcifer take a short trip to a stream, in order to refill Calcifer’s large water-bottle. The two relax and have a childish water fight. Meanwhile, Origin leaves the infirmary on a bad hip and runs into Vasquiri, who uses magic to convince her to follow him deep into the forest, not far from where Calcifer and Sachieal are, although they are too far away and cannot hear her cries for help.

Odei finds Origin and Vasquiri in the forest, and after a long stare-down, the two fight. Vasquiri retreats, and Origin storms off towards the infirmary. Ivaylo and Histlan, whom arrived during the battle, attempt to escort Origin back toward the town, but Origin chooses to hear none of it. Everyone returns to town, and begin to ready themselves for the coming journey.

To Ahila:

The small army prepares and mounts their horses. However, none of the horses will allow Sachieal to ride them, so he chooses to conjure his own, demonic, horse. Ivaylo and Histlan continue to converse between each other, and become closer as the journey progresses. As they camp for a short while, during the journey, Vasquiri reappears, and he and Origin slip off together into the shadows.

~Submitted by Taikitsune. Thanks Tai, for the beautiful summary!

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