Elena the Vorpal

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Elena the Vorpal

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:39 pm

Name: Elena
Age: Normal: 10 Feral: 25
Race: Vorpal
Gender: Female
Prefered weapons: Magic Bow/Arrow and claws

Normal: she has extremely long brownish gold ears that droop down to her but, long blonde gold hair and light tan skin. she has long white claws on her hands, she has a cute face and big brown eyes she looks is very adorable. She wearing a simple white dress and and white slippers
Feral: When she turns feral she grows atleast 2 feet and her portions swell to lovely porpotions. Her ears shrink down into nothing but sharp short, elven like ears, her face turns sharpen and she grows fangs her claws shorten but become extremely sharp and serated she gains incredbile strength and speed her eyes slit and turn red and her skin turns a deep crimson color and her hair turns white. Her dress tears and becomes hard white armor covering her chest and legs and gloves on her arms

Bio: Her people the vorpals are guardians of Auralis and when the gods told them to guide the soilders they elected the most competent warrior Elena to do the job. She has two styles of fighting. Her bow when invoked can turn into wings and the bows into energy arrows that do not need a bow. her ring can change her into feral mode where she gains immense strength but loses all sense and attacks friends if they get in her way
Vorpals do not age normally, every time the go feral they age 2 years


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