Olorafien and Vasquiri Ousslyl

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Olorafien and Vasquiri Ousslyl Empty Olorafien and Vasquiri Ousslyl

Post by Erin on Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:21 pm

Name: Olorafien Ousslyl (Translated: Tattoed Slayer Heir to the Blade)
Age: Goodness Knows
Gender: Male, unfortunately
History: The firstborn male of the house of Ousslyl, a houshold scoruged by an abundance of male children. He and his brother Vasquiri (Blood Skin) have fallen out of their only sister T'rissolin (Blade lover), and were cast out. He has since acted as a rouge assassin, and was lured by Lorven's promise of power. He wishes to gain enough power to retake the House Ousslyl from T'rissolin and her cousins. His body is decorated in thousands of separate tattoos that blend together into a seamless artwork, a mark of his family.
Good Side or Bad Side?: Bad to the bone.

Name: Vasquiri Ousslyl (Translated: Blood Skinned Heir to the Blade)
Age: Four seconds younger than Olorafien
Gender: Male, unfortunately
History: The secondborn male (only by a few seconds) of the house of Ousslyl. He has since acted along with his brother as a rouge assassin, and is fiercely loyal to his older brother, who saved him from death at the hands of his female family members. He keeps his brother from falling into total darkness. He is called bloodskin for the intricate bloodred tattoos he has had since he was old enough to lift a blade.
Good Side or Bad Side?: Hes on the bad side, but not evil.

Yes, they are twins. They both use twin scimitars, and wear similar clothing, the style of their household. Except for the darkness in Olorafien's eyes, they cannot be told apart.

Here's what they look like, though they may be a little darker I'm just lazy at coloring. I may draw them without cloaks, i was just super lazy today.
Olorafien and Vasquiri Ousslyl IMG_0001

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