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Histlan Gens

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Histlan Gens
Pronounced: 'Ist - lan'
Lumerian meaning: 'Clear Seer'

Age: 29, though she might tell you otherwise.

Gender: Female

Appearence: A strong woman who whether is holding her chin up or down seems to portray it as being rather high. Presenting herself as though she knows her own intelligence quite well and is silently comfortable with it being shown. She stands near 5 feet 7 inches and weighs roughly a good 140 pounds. Her dark hair hangs normally a couple inches below her shoulder level and is unevenly streaked with small sections of blonde hair that only shows near the bottom, often her long bangs fall into her face and in front of her eyes partially, but it matters little to her since she commonly has no use for them on the most often of occassions. When she needs to, it is all easily pulled up and out of the way into a half or full pony-tail. However, only at night does she normally do this, for she is blind and it normally does not matter if things obscure her eyes. That is to say she can hardly see. Odd black markings surround and cut over her eyes and mark parts of her face, if you were ever able to get the chance it is easy to see that these are not the only markings on her being, but often Histlan keeps people from getting such a chance. Often when she does not need her sight for colour her eyes are more of a distraction for her and she covers them with a dark sash of varying colour tied firmly around the back of her head, to keep them closed and to cover them from other's sight. Her eyes for the few who do see them are an oddity, a pale desaturated green that seems somewhat lifeless, but the true queerness is of her pupils which do not seem to exist separately from her iris but rather looks as though its blackness has bled out into it, causing the only truly unpolluted green to be near and around the rim of her irises.

Characteristics: She presents herself as a generally quiet woman, keeping to herself more often then not, though seemingly attentive at most times of the world around her. Alone time for her, which has been described both accurately and inaccurately as brooding-like before, is when she thinks over the happenings of life most often, what is on her mind in specific one cannot normally say, unless they have asked and received an answer, but she seems to become quite deep into it most of the time. Despite her more silent nature she does not loathe company by any means, rather when she does find herself in company she enjoys she is more prone to listen and make a more calculated rebuttal than to merrily engage into it entirely. She keeps her distance in that regards, however it does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that she'd rather not be there, most often if she finds herself in company she does not enjoy, she will depart from it unless doing so is not possible.
Despite her assumable prowess of intelligence Histlan seeks to attain more knowledge when and wherever she can. Not only of universal facts but of people as well. Her stuborn and nonchalant strive for life and her eternal search for wisdom are two things that have made her such a capable and determined woman despite obvious set-backs. Like anyone though, she is prone to many weaknesses.

History: Histlan was born into a decently well off family, nothing stellar but they lived comfortably and she was growing up with a relatively happy childhood. Friends, family, a fairly decent education and though she had a flittery patience for it like most children, she did enjoy learning about things that sparked her attention and fickly moved on to the next thing when it lost her attention. One such interest was in Gens lineage with the white arts. She was never taught too in-depth with it because she was young and her family was not sure if it would be the proper route for a young girl, but what she was exposed to intrigued her.
Being a younger sister by only a year meant as a child she was not often alone, and she looked up to her older brother a fair bit, wanting to be in his attention often and going off on adventures or just spending time with him. They were both very similar with golden blonde hair only in different lengths and with bright sets of green eyes.
Things were quite average until one day when she was twelve and just out on an errand in town. She couldn't tell you now what it was, picking up bread or something of that nature, but it was the last time she truly ever saw her hometown and the walk stays printed in her mind. Where it happened, the confusion and panic of it, those stay with her, because it was the day when she was taken off the very streets of her hometown and thrown into a world she never knew existed. Five years past by in the torment and darkness provided by her aspiring and cruel keeper. It was only by the cumulative effects of her torture that she was able to lash out successfully and find freedom, but by that point she suffered quite substantially from all that had happened to her. Months and months after her seventeenth birthday, not that she'd any concept of time then, she managed to return home, with little recollection of how she'd gotten back and little to no memory of where she'd been, only terrible feelings that something was terribly wrong.
The gap in her memory and the lose of her sight drove her into a very vulnerable state, and her family told her only at first that she must have been stolen away by a demon. This is what she believed for a long while because it was the only thing she had to go by. Her parents tried their best to help her cope with her new dissability, and reassured her they were grateful to the gods that she had come back after they had come to assume she'd died, but things were still very different, and her brother was not close to her anymore. She seeked out his love more than anyone's but received often coldness, because everytime he looked at her, the young man could only see the differences and feel how the darkness seeped from her. He felt it had corrupted her to the very soul, and having taken up his own passion in light magic failed to see her suffering through his own fear of what she'd become. Eventually he moved away and she heard little from him.
This tore her up inside and she lived a number of rather miserable years in her parents' home, trying to learn how to cope without her sight. She left it relatively little and her mother read to her expansively, broadening her knowledge and more than making up for the years she'd missed. The cruel thing was that the more she learned, it seemed the more that returned to her of the years that had past. Mostly in vague notions but terrible things. She kept the guise of having no recollection for her parents sake, however, not wanting them to know truly what she'd seen and experienced. And though frustrating and sometimes seemingly trivial she slowly learned how to deal with it all, and her other senses began to heighten at her lack of sight.
Over the years as she began to venture back out into the world more and more, she experienced bouts of anxiety and panic when she felt lost and confused. As well while her other senses became sharper other things started becoming apparent and even more frightenng, feelings she couldn't understand. After her 20th birthday, scattered memories and mental images began to bombard her even more and at points she felt as though whether awake or dreaming she was experiencing horrendous parts of her past all over again.
It was upon a seemingly innocent day that she was out in the town when she began panicking once more and stumbled across an old blind woman who spoke to her with words of wisdom. Words which she will never forget. The day after her 21st birthday she then traveled to another place farther away with this old woman where she stayed and was taught how to cope even further with her condition. Histlan's 'wise woman', as she came to call her dearingly taught the young woman how to deal with the world around her, even to the extent of fighting and weaponry using her other senses, and how to understand the lay of the land. It came even more apparent during these years that there was something more than just her appearence and eyes that had been changed during those five years. She found her sight returned to her in heavy darkness and she had a sensivity to things that she could not explain. They came to only be able to describe it overall, as though she could see things, only not with her eyes.
Her wise woman trained her longer and harder both physically and mentally, trying to take these things into account as well, and she found that the darkness in Histlan did not dissipate, rather grew stronger and wavered to weaker at indeterminate times, however her anxiety faded and her confidence and knowledge continually grew. On her 24th year Histlan ventured back out into the world, a new woman. One that had been long in the making but also one that held herself well and despite weaknesses kept striving onward. Searching, learning and living, for exactly what, she decided she'd know when she'd found it all in its entirity.

Good Side or Bad Side?: If you offer the right thing sometimes it may depend, but all in all Histlan is good person with fair morals.

(Hopefully that will do for now...?)

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