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Post by sirjustin on Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:49 pm

Name: Sir Justin Franklynn
Age: 666
Specie: unkown
Magic: can see in the dark, can blend in with shawdows and can summon up to five beast from the depps of hell.
Weapon(s): two large black leather wips that wrap around his arms, a small nife at right side of waste, and a long crystal sword on his back.
Role: mercenery for the dark academy
Hair: light brown almost a dirty blonde
Eye Color: blue, when summoning turns to a dark black
skin color: light peach, with tatoo's of ancient sysmbols going down his arms and legs.
out fit: Black light wieght armor that covers intire body except arms and from the neck up.The armor is made of a thin flexible steel, that glows a light red in the dark.

bio: He Cant remember most of his life or were he's from all he knows is that he has a need to follow the dark side.He had been taught by many teachers and all he has learned is ignorance and the thinking that he will never add up to anyone.He knows he has a sister and brother yet has'nt seen them since he was a child and has forgotten what they look like or there names.

Personality: depressed, sad, angry and has certain times were he loss's control of his mind as though he blacks out and the inner voice set's distruction apon the world.


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