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Kiev ap Andriy

Post by Azure on Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:43 pm

I'm not sure how well ol' Kiev will hold up as a character here; lemme know if you have any suggestions for improvement!

Alrighty then--ONWARD!

Name: Kiev ap Andriy
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: human

Magic type: light, but very limited. His powers are pretty much useless in combat, but he can heal mild to moderate flesh wounds. Alas, he can't do much for major injuries. If gravely wounded himself, his magic can keep him alive for an hour or two until help arrives--kinda like life support--but that's only if he hasn't used up a lot of it beforehand. Otherwise he's royally screwed.

Weapon of choice: Kiev was trained to be a hunter, not a fighter; he can throw a wicked punch and a fatal kick, though. The only blade he's skilled with is his trusty ulu knife. But as a hunter, he has unnervingly good aim with a spear about as long as he is tall with a huge freakin' head (meant for very large game); and a device shaped like a bear paw, made of megaloceros antler, on a thick leather string (swung around to grab fish and small animals). He was never much of an archer, strangely.

Role: given his powers, I'd say healer for mild to moderate injuries so as to keep the powerful healers free to work with those at Death's door. He could help provide food and raw materials for clothing and whatnot. I'm sure he could throw his weight around doing some grunt work, as well.


(I'm fairly satisfied with the image except for Kiev; I couldn't be arsed to find a reference for him. x__x And yes, I am aware he looks like he's about to fall over. This was the photo used in the background--not mine.)

+Black hair pulled back into a ponytail (not usually worn over the shoulder; I just wanted to show the length) with long, messy bangs held behind the ears
+Medium-brown eyes
+Roughly 6'5"
+The people of Kiev's homeland--both sexes--are generally tall and heavy-set. He's a bit smaller and more agile, which is probably why he ended up a hunter, but he is still a powerful guy. That's a heavy spear and he can chuck it several yards with accuracy.
+His brow ridge is more pronounced than what you see up there, but he does have a huge nose. Razz
+That fur around his waist has many uses: tie around the head for warmth, wrap wounds, carry things, wipe his hands or knife on, etc.
+His glove switches from hand to hand as he sees fit. He's ambidextrous.
+That's a smilodon sabre he wears around his neck. He uses it to cut or stab stuff from time to time, but, as when still attatched to the live cat, it is rather delicate and can't be used on thrashing things. Its primary use is as a conversation starter.
+Kiev's no womanizer, but he does like to flirt when he happens upon a lovely lass. When he does, there's a fifty-fifty chance the girl will take the bait or deny him. Most do cop a look or a feel of that tempting chest, though, which is one of the reasons he keeps his shirt peeled open. Hee. >:3 (Another being that Iskland is colder than the present climate and he overheats easily.)
+He's no medicine maker either, but he does like to keep a stash of herbs that make rich, warming teas for energy or relaxation. Don't hesitate to ask for some if you feel like crap; he's always happy to share. :} He also keeps bone needles of assorted sizes for crude patch work on his clothes and boots. When his healing powers start to fade he can use them to do some people-patching, too.

History: nothing angsty. Kiev grew up in an Icelandic-type country I'll call Iskland. (The Isken language is so similar to Ukrainian that they're pretty much the same thing. He speaks the local language--Eslin, right?--fluently, albeit with an accent.) He has two older siblings, three younger ones, and loving parents. He is well-respected in his home village. His reasons for leaving home at 16 revolved around simply wanting to stretch his legs, see the world, experience new people and cultures. A number of Isken youths leave for this reason and are always welcome back should they choose to return.

As mentioned before, Kiev is an accomplished hunter. Every Isklander is trained from an early age to take on some sort of task crucial to his/her village's survival. These jobs are not based on gender, but rather ability and natural-born traits. Kiev learned most of his skills from his mother and an older sister, for example. Most Isklanders practice some form of magic; not many are particularly powerful, though.

Iskland, for the most part, has chosen to remain neutral in the war. Should the need arise for her to take up arms, however, she will join forces with the Yeidin. That's why I've placed Kiev in this board. Smile (Plus, I don't see a Lumerian of any degree teaming up with the Sudao. XD)

Kiev's animal companions:

The first is Kyrylo (Isken, "lord"; don't ask how to pronounce it) the megaloceros. Kiev discovered him as a newborn calf, abandoned, when he was 14. Although megaloceros are prized game, especially bulls, he was permitted to keep Kyrylo . . . provided he could adequately tame the great beast. He succeeded, obviously, and the two are quite the team. Kyrylo is Kiev's steed of choice--he never cared much for horses or caribou--and carries most of his belongings. (I was simply too lazy to draw all of them. Just pretend you see them strapped to his back. XDD)

Unlike a true megaloceros, Kyrylo has hooves more like that of an exaggerated caribou. This gives him excellent traction on just about any solid or semi-solid surface--one of them many reason Kiev prefers him to a horse. Like megatherium, he also has small bones just below the skin that act as chain mail. Throw in a pair of antlers 12ft. across--which true megaloceros really do have!--and you've got yourself a living tank. Few things try to mess with him or Kiev. On the flip side, though, Kiev has to stay alert to his bull's behavior or else he could end up with a cracked skull if he doesn't duck at a swift head turn.

Kyrylo sheds his antlers in early April, starts growing them back a few days later, begins losing the velvet in early September, and is ready to rut by month's end. Due to their massive span, open ground is the preferred terrain to traverse. When it becomes necessary to travel through the woods, however, Kiev trims them down to about four feet across.

The second is Cazajo (cazador, "hunter"+rojo, "red"; caw-zuh-ho) the red-tailed hawk, with a harpy eagle's crest and all the agility of a goshawk. Kiev's faithful hunting bird, she can easily swoop between trees in a heavily-wooded forest at high speeds. She's sharp as a tack, to boot.

Both creatures, while well-trained, do enjoy misbehaving for their master from time to time. When they do, poor Kiev gets quite the headache. X3

A final note: Kiev will probably end up being a comic relief character. He's prone to silliness, dirty jokes, and snarky commentary. (He'll pretty much be the vent for my short bus moments.)

Will that sate you lovely people, you? tongue

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Re: Kiev ap Andriy

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