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Character Synopsis -Sachieal of the Demonation Empty Character Synopsis -Sachieal of the Demonation

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Chapter One: The Battle of Azrian

Sacieal is introduced to the war party at Colline's Inn on a snowy night. He enters with a flourish, showing off his magical hellfire and ice. He snuffs out all of the candles and announces that he would like to join up.

The first person he meets is Origin, who is noteably shorter than him, and rather ornery. He extends his cordial greetings, and she arranges for him to go meet Captain Vasillos. They travel together through the snow storm. She declines his offer of a hellfire light to lead them through the storm, and they reach the commander's tent in short order.

Sachieal is allowed into the ranks quite easily, but he is slightly indisposed at the depressed manner of the people. Once the business is finished, Origin leads him back towards the tavern. On the way, they stumble upon Calcifer. Origin runs off with the new girl and leaves Sachieal to find his way alone. Luckily, he makes it back not long after the two girls.

Irritated he decides to retire to a room for the night. After a few moments he returns in search of paper which is provided by the barkeep. He states that he doesn't plan on sleeping, and while waiting on his ale, he turns to appraise Calcifer. It becomes evident that he may be quite the ladies man. After a moment he returns to his room.

Origin confiscates his room after a couple of hours, since he was not planning on resting. He willingly gives it up and returns to the ground level of the inn, but not without leaving a warning that he may have left demons. He sits alone in the inn for a while, playing with hellfire and ice at his fingertips. He notices calcifer and Alysai Brightengale conversing and ignores them until Calcifer compliments his skill. He introduces himself to both and light conversation ensues. During this time, Calcifer bestows a small animated ice dragon to Sachieal as a gift of friendship.

Eventually, everyone falls asleep except for Sachieal, and he ventures out of the door. He spots a strange young woman and offers escort, only to be declined. Eventually he realizes who she is and allows her to leave. He reenters the tavern and waits for the approaching battle.

Origin returns from her night's respite, and accompanies him at the table while she readies herself for battle. She accuses him of being a traitor and a lady killer, but his alibi's are airtaight, and she lets the apprehension die. After she reveals a bit of her history to him, he remembers how horrible his old master was, and a sort of empathy between the two is born.

As the sun rises he reads from a large black tome, speaking in latin and preparing for the fight to come. his excitement is palpable, as he steps outside towards the field. He spends a moment doting on his new pet dragon before finally readying himself.

The sudden darkness that overcomes the battlefield unnerves Sachieal, but he readies himself anyway, creating handblades of ice for weapons. Asthe darkness closes in, he feels comforted, and begins his battle spree, turning into a feral creature dependent on blood and carnage. As his battle madness strenghtens, he stops to drink the blood of on of his victims, causing his bone wings to sprout painfully from his back. He is imbued with a new source of strength.

As he continues on his spree he spots Origin trapped by a strange creature. Enraged he springs for the beast, and, as he believes he has stabbed it through, the beast dematerializes and he slices into Origin's hip, just barely missing vital organs. This pushes him over the edge and he fights an impulse to burn the place to the ground. He offers his apologies, and Origin stil lseems to trust him, but she could not agree before Olorafien returned and abducted her to the meadow, leaving him wit ha challenge.

Sachieal does not heasitate in chasing the demon, and roars out his fury. The fight that ensues is not one-sided. Sachieal recieves a deep gash to his shoulder from the demon as he calls down Godfire to eliminate the beast. The demon narrowly escapes, and sachieal runs to get Origin to medical attention. On the way he vows to bring her the demon's wings as a trophy.

He worries about his comrades survival, and delivers Origin to the makeshift infirmary. As he arrives he feels the Abaddon, even from his far distance. He immediately urges Calcifer and the medics to evacuate on a giant waterdragon.



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