Zick and Mala- Shared Sudao

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Zick and Mala- Shared Sudao

Post by Erin on Sat Dec 15, 2007 12:32 pm

Name: Zick Threehorn
Age: 132, looks 25
Description: Male Medic. His speicie is that of a half-demon half-lumerian whelp. He looks like a normal human with long black hair and a pale muscular body, but his eyes are green with snake-like pupils. He carries a spelled set of daggers and isn't too fond of clothing, so he wears a pair of loose breeches and boots, along with a belt to keep the stuff from around his ankles. As for shirts, he considers his tattoos perfect for the job. He has demon runes and pictures swirling over his body in a loose sort of way, exposing very little unmarked skin.
History: He never knew his father but knew his mother was a light magician, and didn't have the heart to kill him in the womb. Instead he was given away on the premis of adoption, but he ended up being sent to the slave trade. Since he showed such an acclimation to dark magic, he was raised by Oglef Tenfang as a servant. Due to his Lumerian heritage, he is better at healing spells than battle spells, though all of his magic is dark. He is called threehorn because of the three little horn like nubs on his skull, which are often hidden by his hair because they are so small.

Name: Mala Rizzerweck
Age: She looks 20
Description: Female Medic. Black wavy hair and sharp blue eyes. Very pale skin. She has a thin, dangerous look about her.
History: She is the daughter of a dark warlord, and often as a child she helped her mother and the servants heal the warriors coming in from a battle. Since she's been trained in that way since a young age, she is quite good at what she does. She's also a flirt, and is especially fond of winged demons.

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