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Post by Penthar on Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:44 pm

Name: Penthar Taranis
Age: 42
Specie: Human
Magic: Umbrian, Surdan Warlock
Weapon(s): Twin Broadswords, Longbow, and a large, ornate curved blade knife for infighting. All the hilts are wrapped in onyx black leather.
Role: General serving in the Sudao Army
Hair: Dark brown peppered with grey
Eye Color: Deep Silver, almost the color of Mercury in liquid form
Penthar is is tall, broad shouldered and powerful in the upper body. His arms, chest, back and face is riddled with assorted scars from his battles on and off the field. He is a brilliant tactician, and expects his orders followed to the letter. He cares for nothing except power, and will not share it with anyone, even his leader. He serves only to gain the opportunity to gain power for himself, and will mow down anyone in his way. He does not lose his temper, but simply "removes the obstacle" in his path. He is accompanied by a rather large dark Grey wolf that is part animal and part Surdan magic. They share a strange bond that is shrouded in rumor; one being that the creature contains a part of his heart, and the part of the heart of a former lover he caught in the bed of a former rival. His clothing is typical surdan.

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