Nuray of The Roya

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Nuray of The Roya

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:24 pm

Name: Nuray – ‘Ray’ for short - of the Roya
Age: Royan years – 72. Human years – 26.
Gender: Female
Specie: Roya (will write info soon)
Magic type: Arderian. (Earth Master – will soon insert desc. In magic encyclopedia.)
Weapons of choice: Her main means of defense and combat is the use of her magic, but is good at swords and archery.
Role: To guide the Alliance throughout their journey, for as a Roya, she knows the lands well.

Description: Like all females of her race, Nuray is petite and small in length, barely reaching the height of an average human, yet holds the strength, grace and agility of a gazelle. The Roya are known for their stereotypical appearance with hardly any individually distinguishable differences of physical characteristics (they recognize one another by scent and Aura, rather than by looks), so she too possesses their typical features; pale, ivory skin and hair, golden-hued eyes and of course the Royan ears, shaped much like those of a fennec fox, and the long, elegant tail.

History: As a Roya, It is no easy task for such community-oriented specie to continue living her life alone as she does, seeing that her kind has become near-extinct… if not already completely gone from the face of Galdrenan. Nuray has done all she could to hold on to her people’s traditions, history and culture, knowing that she might very well be the last of her kind, one day she would share this very private information with the rest of the world, so at least the legend of the Roya may continue to survive even when non roam the earth. Nuray has chosen to leave the protective vicinity of the woods of the eastern north to help guide the small regiment of Nemes and the Auran over lands she knows well, with the hopes of asking the Auran for a favor in return if should they succeed in protecting her and taking her to safety.

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